DMI Music (Delta Music Industry) is a record label founded

by Clara Moroni and Laurent Newfield, producing "EUROBEAT" 

Dance and Techno music since 1995, gaining worldwide success through massive production of songs released on Top Selling Japanese Compilations like: 

Super Euro BeatInitialDMaharaja,


and many more. DMI boasts prestigious musical collaborations with some of the greatest Japanese artists such as Namie Amuro, Globe, Max, and many others, with remixes, adaptations, Eurobeat and techno style covers.

Here are two of our dearest achievements:

Japan Gold Disc Award_Super Eurobeat Presents: 

Initial D Second Stage D Non-Stop Selection

Avex_Animation - Album of the Year


Japan Gold Disc Award_Super Eurobeat Vol.100

Avex - Album of the Year

Check out our latest releases: